Performance Enhancement Training
More about my mission and what I do

Achieving Peak Performance

My mission as a sport psychology consultant is very simple: Help athletes, students, performers, and businessmen and women achieve their peak performance.

Method for Achieving Peak Performance

The method to achieving peak performance is very simple: Training Mental Skills through Performance Enhancement Training.

What is Performance EnhancementTraining?

Two common questions asked from clients are, “What are Mental Skills?” and “What is Performance Enhancement Training?”

First, Mental Skills are mental strategies that an athlete or performer consistently uses in attempting to achieve their goals. Research on the strategies of elite athletes and top performers has found that they are more focused, more confident, and less anxious; have more positive thoughts and images; and set more effective goals than other athletes and performers.

Second, the goal of Performance Enhancement training is to develop solid mental skills to more consistently and effectively achieve one’s peak performance.

Performance Enhancement Training for Peak Performance Develops:

Example: Learning how to channel anger to facilitate rather than debilitate your performance; or, learn how to get “psyched up” rather than “psyched out”.

Example: Learning how to “bounce back”, refocus, and re-energize after a mistake, bad play, or error

Example: Learning how to stay relaxed and focused in pressure situations

Example: Learning how to prioritize toward your most important goals

Example: Learning how to not let a bad call, annoying crowd, or difficult opponent distract you from a top performance

Example: Learning how to use both positive and informational self-talk

Example: Learning how to create a routine using cue words and actions that get you in the zone

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