About Me
A brief biography

Since 1995, I’ve been consulting with athletes and performers on developing the mental skills for peak performance.  Having worked with a variety of athletes ranging from 6-year-old baseball players to Olympic athletes to mini-tour and professional golfers as well as performers in the art and business world, I’ve found that mental skills training has enhanced not only the performance of my clients, but their satisfaction and enjoyment as well.

Having been a 3-sport athlete in high school (Indiana) as the starting shortstop on our State Runner-up baseball team and the starting shooting guard on our State Runner-up basketball team, I became intrigued by how fluctuations in my confidence impacted my performance.

As a quarterback at the University of Notre Dame, my interest in the mental side of the game grew even more under our Head Coach Lou Holtz.  After winning 3 of 4 January 1st Bowl games (1990 Orange Bowl, 1992 Sugar Bowl and 1993 Cotton Bowl) and earning a B.A. in Psychology, I went on to study sport psychology and mental skills training, earning both a Master’s degree (University of North Carolina) and Ph.D. (University of Tennessee) in Sport Psychology.

Being an athlete myself, I’ve used the mental skills I’ve learned to aid me in my athletic pursuits including:

U.S. National Championship MVP- Team Handball (2001)

Midwest Conference League All-Semi-Pro Quarterback (2000)

U.S. Olympic Festival Gold Medalist- Team Handball (1995)

In addition, I’ve been both a head and assistant coach for youth through high school athletes, teaching both the physical and mental skills of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and tennis.

From 2001-2007, I taught as a professor of Sport Psychology and Exercise Psychology in the Kinesiology Department at Texas Christian University (TCU) and began mental training consulting with TCU coaches and athletes (a service I continue to this day).  I encourage you to peruse the “Consulting Experience” page for a list of other universities, teams, organizations, athletes, and performers with whom I’ve worked.

Professionally, I am a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), the major North American sport psychology organization.

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